@Harvard University

M.S. Computer Science
B.A. Computer Science double
& Near Eastern Languages double
& Linguistics minor

NLP Researcher, Preservationist
@University of Cambridge

Researcher at NENA Database Project advised by Professor Geoffrey Khan

AI Researcher
@Harvard SEAS

Researcher at DtAK group advised by Professors Finale Doshi-Velez and Weiwei Pan

About myself

I'm a Harvard student pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Computer Science, Near Eastern Languages, and Linguistics. My academic interests within Computer Science lie in Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact, and Natural Language Processing. Outside of academics, I also enjoy advising, teaching, and mentoring students from Undergraduate and Graduate. Having done research at Apple, Harvard, and the University of Cambridge, I'm hoping to one day do a PhD in NLP. In the meantime, I am working diligently to document, preserve, and revitalize the dying Neo-Aramaic dialects: the language of my family and of the Assyrians.

Computer Science and Linguisics
DL, AI for Social Impact, NLP The revitalization of Neo-Aramaic Endangered language documentation

The Computer Science

This year I have been focusing on teaching, lab research, and peer-advising:

The Linguistics

On the linguistics side of things, I am working hard to lay the foundation for digital technologies to support the viability of Assyrian throughout the diaspora. This implies everything from constructing a standard grammar for the language to training automatic translators. There's too much to list, but here's just a few of my favorite happenings:


Historically I have found Harvard's graduate machine learning courses most interesting. Since completing the requirements for my Master's degree in my Sophomore year, I've moved towards coursework that will enrich my linguistics research.

* graduate level

Spring 2023
*CS282br Topics in Machine Learning: Interpretability and Explainability
*CS276 Design, Tech & Social Impact
*CL277 Literature, Diaspora, Migration, and Trauma
NEC101 Historical Background to the Middle East
NEC91r Advanced Neo-Aramaic Syntax
NEC98a Junior Year Thesis
SYRIAC AB Elementary Syriac II
Fall 2022
*CS288 AI for Social Impact
*CS299r Special Topics: Morphological and Syntactic Parsing
EMR152 Memory and Diaspora
LING91r Supervised Reading and Research
MODMDEST103 History of Modern Iran
NEC91r Advanced Neo-Aramaic Morphology
NEC98a Junior Year Thesis
SYRIAC AA Elementary Syriac I
Spring 2022
*CS205 High Performance Computing for Science and Engineering
*CS231 Quantum Computation and Quantum Complexity
*CS282r Advancements in Probabalistic ML, Programming Models for ML, Causality
*CS299r Special Topics: Extremely Low-Resource Speech Recognition
GENED1110 Classical Mythology
LING83 Language, Structure, and Cognition
Fall 2021
*AM207 Advanced Scientific Computing: Stochastic Methods for Data Analysis, Inference and Optimization
CS153 Compilers
*CS242 Computing at Scale
*CS282br Adaptive Methods in Machine Learning
*CS282r Task-focused Generative Models and Inference
GENED1038 Sleep
Spring 2021
CS51 Abstraction and Design in Computation
CS124 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS181 Machine Learning audited
EXPOS20 Society and the Witch
MATH22b Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra II
PERSIAN AB Elementary Persian II
Fall 2020
CS50 Introduction to Computer Science
FRSEMR34X Language and Prehistory
MATH22a Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra I
PERSIAN AA Elementary Persian I